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BOP-66.001, Immediate Recognition Coins

The objective of this Business and Operating Policy is to establish NNSA’s immediate recognition coins program to honor, recognize and award exceptional achievements or performance. These coins are appropriate when the achievement or performance may not warrant a monetary award. However, these immediate recognition coins are not intended to substitute for cash awards when the employee or act performed are deserving of such an award. These immediate recognition coins include the Administrator’s Bronze Coin and the NNSA Immediate Recognition Coin. The award of an NNSA Coin that can be displayed visibly represents specific recognition of an achievement or exceptional performance. Such recognition provides both motivation and support for employees, and others, ensuring that their efforts are valued. It is recommended that the NNSA Coin be presented in front of the recipient’s peers for this reason.

BOP_66_001 Immediate Recognition Coins.pdf -- PDF Document, 130 KB

ID: BOP-66.001
Type: Business Operating Procedure (BOP)
SLM Office: Office of Business Operations
OPI: Office of Business Operations
Status: Archive
Issue Date: Feb 15, 2008
Misc. Comments: