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BOP 540.1, Requests to Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) for Audit of M&O Contractor Subcontractors

In accordance with DEAR 970.5244-1, Contractor purchasing system, the contract clause entitled "Contractor Purchasing System (DEC 2000)," as prescribed in 48 CFR 970.4402-5, is incorporated in NNSA's Management & Operating (M&O) contracts. Subparagraph (3) of this clause contains the following language: Where audits of subcontractors at any tier are required, arrangements may be made to have the cognizant Federal agency perform the audit of the subcontract. These arrangements shall be made administratively between DOE and the other agency involved and shall provide for the cognizant agency to audit in an appropriate manner in light of the magnitude and nature of the subcontract. In no case, however, shall these arrangements preclude determination by the DOE contracting officer of the allow ability or unavailability of subcontractor costs claimed for reimbursement by the contractor. Commensurate with this language and requirement, the purpose of this document is to provide the NNSA Service Center, Site Offices, and M&O contractors with guidance regarding requesting audit support from DCAA.

BOP 540.1.pdf -- PDF Document, 667 KB

Previously BOP-003.0404. NNSA Directives Program has revised their numbering system to a three-digit system. See Crosswalk for more information.

ID: BOP 540.1
Type: Business Operating Procedure (BOP)
SLM Office: Office of Acquisition & Project Management
OPI: Office of Acquisition & Project Management
Status: Current
Issue Date: Jul 28, 2004
Last Update: Jul 28, 2004
Misc. Comments: Renumbers BOP-003.0404, Requests to Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) for Audit of M&O Contractor Subcontractors, dated 7-28-2004.