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BOP 541.1 Admin Chg 1, Contracting Authorities

The objective of this Business Operating Procedure is to define to the Federal authorities, roles, and responsibilities for contracts, financial assistance instruments, personal property, and sales activities so that Headquarters and Field Offices can successfully accomplish the NNSA mission and program.

BOP 541.1 Admin Chg 1.pdf -- PDF Document, 330 KB

Previously BOP-03.02 Admin Chg1. NNSA Directives Program has revised their numbering system to a three-digit system. See Crosswalk for more information.

ID: BOP 541.1 Admin Chg 1
Type: Business Operating Procedure (BOP)
SLM Office: Office of Acquisition & Project Management
OPI: Office of Acquisition Management
Status: Current
Issue Date: Feb 05, 2009
Last Update: Oct 22, 2013
Misc. Comments: Renumbers BOP-03.02 Admin Chg 1, Contracting Authorities, dated 2-5-2009.
Contracting Authorities
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