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Cancellation: BOP 452.3, Business and Operating Policy for the Conduct of the Annual Assessment of the National Nuclear Stockpile

The Office of Primary Interest and the Office of Defense Programs (NA-10) reviewed BOP 452.3 in January 2022 and determined that the information and requirements outlined in it are being captured by R0l 6, the Annual Assessment Reporting Process, in accordance with SD 452.3-lA, Defense Programs Business Process System, signed February 25, 2016. NA-10 and the Office of Policy and Strategic Planning recommend cancelling BOP 452.3 as it is a duplicative reporting process. Cancelling BOP 452.3 does not increase risk or violate any established laws or regulatory requirements. Cancelling this BOP eliminates duplicity and confusion in executing the Annual Assessment Reporting Process, and better aligns with NNSA's Program and Policy Management practices to produce efficient, accurate, and timely requirements publications. BOP 452.3 was circulated throughout the Nuclear Security Enterprise for review and NNSA elements concurred with its proposed cancellation.