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NAP-14.2, Baseline Cyber Security Requirements

Establish requirements and responsibilities for reporting and responding to cyber security incidents involving National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) information systems. Establish requirements for the use of personally owned or government owned Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and portable computers, hereafter-called portable computing devices, in the NNSA and all organizations under its cognizance. Establish requirements for the generation, protection, and use of passwords to support authentication when accessing classified and unclassified NNSA information systems, applications, and resources. Establish requirements and guidance for standardized procedures and responsibilities for authorizing and communicating Information Conditions (INFOCONs) throughout the NNSA.

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ID: NAP-14.2
Type: NNSA Policy (NAP)
SLM Office: Office of the Administrator
OPI: Office of the Administrator
Status: Archive
Issue Date: Sep 12, 2003
Misc. Comments:
Baseline Cyber Security Requirements
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