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NAP-18, Implementation of NNSA Pilot Program on Determination of Fiscal and Other Impacts of New or Revised Directives

Provide guidelines for a six month pilot program to subject all draft new directives or draft proposed revisions to existing directives (including Policies, Orders, Notices, and Manuals) that may be issued by the Department of Energy which apply to the National Nuclear Security Administration (“NNSA”) or that may be issued by NNSA (the “Directive” or “Directives”) to a written initial assessment of the costs and benefits (including fiscal, personnel, and other impacts) and, if necessary, a secondary, more in-depth quantitative and qualitative written analysis. This NNSA policy for the preparation of Initial Assessments and Further Evaluation Documentation will provide senior NNSA management with the necessary information to enable them to make informed decisions regarding Directives that may be accompanied by onerous or unfunded burdens that exceed their assessed benefits.

NAP-18.pdf -- PDF Document, 90 KB

ID: NAP-18
Type: NNSA Policy (NAP)
SLM Office: Office of Information Management
OPI: Office of Information Management & the Chief Information Officer
Status: Archive
Issue Date: Jul 31, 2006
Misc. Comments: