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NAP-20, NNSA Management Council

To formalize the current NNSA Management Council operating principles and membership. The NNSA Management Council is comprised of select Headquarters senior managers and is a forum for discussions and decisions regarding NNSA policies, practices, and priorities. These include: activities and decisions associated with the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Evaluation (PPBE) system; Human Capital Programs; Acquisition Management; Information Technology policies and initiatives for each NNSA Federal element; coordination of NNSA responses to DOE taskings and directives; and, providing leadership for management initiatives, such as the Administrator’s Special Focus Areas. The NNSA Management Council will also strive to improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness, enhance organizational communications and provide overall NNSA corporate direction and guidance. The NNSA Management Council will also facilitate high-level policy integration and dispute resolution.

NAP 20.pdf -- PDF Document, 81 KB

ID: NAP-20
Type: NNSA Policy (NAP)
SLM Office: Office of the Principal Deputy Administrator
OPI: Office of the Principal Deputy Administrator
Status: Archive
Issue Date: Aug 31, 2007
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