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SD 206.2, Implementation of Personal Identity Verification for Uncleared Contractors

The purpose is to establish supplemental requirements and responsibilities for the NNSA implementation for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) under Department of Energy (DOE) Order (O) 206.2, Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) that (1) Identify NNSA contractors subject to PIV processing; (2) Identify the standards applied to PIV determinations; (3) Establish responsibilities for PIV processes; and (4) Provide a process for reconsideration (appeal).

20180414 SD 206.2 Final.pdf -- PDF Document, 250 KB

ID: SD 206.2
Type: Supplemental Directive (SD)
SLM Office: Office of Defense Nuclear Security
OPI: Office of Defense Nuclear Security
Status: Current
Issue Date: Apr 14, 2018
Last Update: Apr 14, 2018
CRD: Yes
Misc. Comments: