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SD 452.3-2, Phase 6.X Process

This supplemental directive (SD) establishes the policy for implementing the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) roles and responsibilities pertaining to the Nuclear Weapons Council’s (NWC) Procedural Guideline for the Phase 6.X Process and describes the sequence of activities and interactions with the Department of Defense (DOD) during the Phase 6.X process. This SD augments Department of Energy (DOE) Order 452.3, Management of the Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons Complex.

SD 452.3-2.pdf -- PDF Document, 168 KB

ID: SD 452.3-2
Type: Supplemental Directive (SD)
SLM Office: Office of Defense Programs
OPI: Office of Defense Programs
Status: Archive
Issue Date: Jan 19, 2017
Last Update: Jan 19, 2017
CRD: Yes
Misc. Comments: