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Top 10 for September 2019

The 10 most frequently accessed documents from last month. This page is updated within a week of the beginning of each month.
Document ViewedNumber of Times Viewed
SD 150.1A, Lines of Succession 77
NAP 401.1, Weapon Quality Policy 73
SD 226.1B, NNSA Site Governance 63
SD 205.1, Baseline Cybersecurity Program 63
SD 251.1A, Directives Management 60
SD 206.2, Implementation of Personal Identity Verification for Uncleared Contractors 57
ACD 470.6, Use of Mobile Devices Within National Nuclear Security Administration Secure Spaces 39
BOP 322.2 Chg 1, National Nuclear Security Administration Leave Administration and Hours of Duty 34
SD 360.1A, Federal Employee Training 34
NAP 540.2, NNSA M&O Off-Site Extended Duty Assignments 32
NAP 413.1, Data Collection for Cost Estimating 30