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BOP-10.003, Site Integrated Assessment Plan (SIAP) Development, Updating and Reporting

This BOP establishes a standard process for the annual development, updating, and reporting of SIAPs across the NNSA Nuclear Security Enterprise as described in Chapter 9 of NNSA Policy Letter “Transformational Governance and Oversight” (NAP-21). It also supports Department of Energy (DOE) Order 226.1B, Implementation of Department of Energy Oversight Policy, Section 4, Requirements, Subsection b, which requires written plans and schedules for planned assessments.

BOP-10.003 1-18-12.pdf -- PDF Document, 379 KB

ID: BOP-10.003
Type: Business Operating Procedure (BOP)
SLM Office: Office of Defense Programs
OPI: Office of Nuclear Safety & Governance
Status: Current
Issue Date: Jan 18, 2012
CTA: Yes
Misc. Comments: