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Authorizing Coordinator (AC) Resources

Resources and Responsibilities for NNSA Authorizing Coordinators (ACs).

Contact Info NNSA Authorizing Coordinators (ACs)

Updated listing of contact information for DOE NNSA Headquarters, field, and contractor ACs. 

Check BoxAC Responsibilities

  • Reviews SMEs' comments for clarity and relativity to the directive and checks that each comment is labeled as major or suggested. Eliminates irrelevant or redundant comments.
  • Downgrades major comments that do not meet the major comment criteria.
  • Serves as the organization's administrative liaison to the Policy Division on directives issues.
  • In consultation with the Authorizing Official (AO) or AO Delegate, assigns subject matter experts (SMEs) to review draft directives.
  • Disseminates draft directives; sets internal deadlines for receiving SME comments.
  • Refers conflicting comments to the AO or AO Delegate for determining the organization's official position.
  • Obtains approval of major comments from the AO prior to transmission.
  • Transmits the organization's approved comments by the established deadline.

Tutorial NNSA Training Videos for ACs and SMEs