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NA-2014-NA1-01, Delegation of Acquisition Executive Responsibilities for Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Security Upgrade Project (Phase II), Security Improvements Project and Device Assembly Facility Argus Upgrade Project

These authorities encompass the project management aspects relating to the NMSSUP Phase II, the SIP and the DAF Argus, including but not limited to Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board equivalents, Critical Decisions, and Quarterly Project Reviews, except for those specifically reserved for the Administrator or the Deputy Secretary of Energy. All Acquisition Executive Authority delegations previously issued for these projects are hereby rescinded.

NA-2014-005-01.pdf -- PDF Document, 1044 KB

ID: NA-2014-NA1-01
Type: Delegation
Delegant: Edward B. Held, Acting Administrator National Nuclear Security Administration
Delegate: Michael K. Lempke, Acting Chief, Defense Nuclear Security
Status: Current
Effective Date: Feb 24, 2014
Re-delegation Allowed: Yes
There are no re-delegations associated with this document.
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