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24.00A, Designation Order No. 00-24.00A to Dr. Mindy S. Connolly, Procurement Analyst, NA-APM-141

Dr. Mindy S. Connolly is hereby designated the NNSA Contracting Activity Ombudsman as that title and responsibilities are described in FAR l 6.505(b )(8) and DEAR 916.505(b)(6)(iii).

designation_24.00A.pdf -- PDF Document, 58 KB

ID: 24.00A
Type: Designation
Designator: Oliver M. Voss, Head of Contracting Activity (HCA)
Designee: Dr. Mindy S. Connolly, NNSA Contracting Activity Ombudsman
Status: Current
Effective Date: Jul 02, 2018
Re-delegation Allowed: No
Re-delegation Limitations: This authority may not be redesignated or delegated.
There are no re-delegations associated with this document.
There is no history to display for this document.