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NAP 401.1A, Weapon Quality Policy

To identify the elements of a Weapon Quality Management System (WQMS) that are required for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and for each nuclear security enterprise (NSE) site that performs the work associated with maintaining and improving the safety, reliability, and performance of the United States (U.S.) nuclear weapons stockpile. This policy also includes the quality requirements that ensure the early and continuous application of quality principles when realizing Mark Quality products throughout all lifecycle phases of a nuclear weapon system. Supersedes NAP 401.1 dated 11-24-2015.

NAP_401.1A_20210623.pdf -- PDF Document, 1002 KB

Attachments 3 and 4 of the superseded NAP 401.1, Weapon Quality Policy are still in effect for now.

Attachment 3, Weapon Quality Processes Requirements

Attachment 4, Nuclear Enterprise Assurance (NEA)

ID: NAP 401.1A
Type: NNSA Policy (NAP)
SLM Office: Office of Defense Programs
OPI: Office of Weapon Quality Division
Status: Archive
Issue Date: Jun 23, 2021
CRD: Yes
Misc. Comments:
Weapon Quality Policy
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