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SD 413.3-7, Project Management for Non-nuclear, Non-complex Capital Asset Acquisition

The purpose of this Directive is to describe the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) roles, responsibilities, and authorities as they relate to capital asset project management for nonnuclear, non-complex construction projects, as defined in Section 6.c of this Supplemental Directive (SD), with a Total Project Cost (TPC) less than $100 Million (M) and greater than the threshold for minor construction projects, defined in 50 United States Code (U.S.C.) 2741.

NNSA-2023-004569 - SD 413_7 Project Management for Non-Nuclear Non-Complex Capital Asset Acquisition (005) format.pdf -- PDF Document, 783 KB

ID: SD 413.3-7
Type: Supplemental Directive (SD)
SLM Office: Office of Infrastructure and Environment
OPI: Office of Infrastructure and Environment
Status: Current
Issue Date: Sep 08, 2023
Last Update: Sep 08, 2023
CRD: Yes
Misc. Comments: