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SD 452.4 Admin Chg 1, Implementation and Evaluation of Controls to Prevent Deliberate Unauthorized Use

This NNSA Supplemental Directive (SD) supports the requirements of Department of Energy (DOE) Order (DOE O) 452.4C, Security and Use Control of Nuclear Explosives and Nuclear Weapons. Specifically, this SD supports the Order’s requirements to implement deliberate unauthorized use (DUU) preventive measures for nuclear explosive operations (NEO) and associated activities and to perform independent evaluations to determine if NEOs are adequately designed and controlled to satisfy the use control (UC) Standard of DOE O 452.1E, Nuclear Explosive and Weapon Surety Program, and the DUU control criteria.

SD 452.4 Admin. Chg. 1.pdf -- PDF Document, 290 KB

ID: SD 452.4 Admin Chg 1
Type: Supplemental Directive (SD)
SLM Office: Office of Defense Programs
OPI: Weapon Surety and Control Division
Status: Current
Issue Date: Jul 07, 2011
Last Update: Jul 01, 2020
Expire Date: Jul 01, 2023
Misc. Comments: