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Crosswalk for the Directives Numbering System

All current Business Operating Procedure (BOP) and NNSA Policy (NAP) documents have been converted to the numbering system for DOE Directives in accordance with Supplemental Directive 251.1A, Directives Management. A crosswalk of the newly numbered documents and their older versions is provided in this chart for reference.

A printable version of the crosswalk can be found here.

Original IDID Changed ToTitleOPIIssued
BOP-00.01A BOP 100.1 Senior Leadership Councils Office of the Administrator  Jan 22, 2015
BOP-00.02 BOP 144.1 Intergovernmental Affairs Office of External Affairs  May 20, 2014
BOP-00.03 BOP 110.1 Delegation and Designation of Authority Office of Business Services May 28, 2014 
BOP-002.02B BOP 322.3 Student Loan Repayment Program Office of Human Resources  Aug 05, 2010 
BOP-002.03A BOP 322.1 NNSA Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives Program: Interim Policy Pending Issuance by US Office of Personnel Management of Final Regulations Office of Human Resources  Dec 27, 2005 
BOP-002.04A BOP 323.1 NNSA Competitive Service Merit Promotion Plan Office of Human Resources  Oct 19, 2004
BOP-002.06 Chg 1 BOP 322.2 Chg 1 National Nuclear Security Administration Leave Administration and Hours of Duty Office of Human Resources  Feb 15, 2008 
BOP-003.0302A BOP 541.2 Nomination and Appointment of Contracting Officer's Representatives (COR) Office of Acquisition Management  Jan 07, 2016 
BOP-003.0305 Admin Chg 3 BOP 547.1 Admin Chg 3 Small Business Policy Office of Acquisition Management  May 24, 2017 
BOP-003.0404 BOP 540.1 Requests to Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) for Audit of M&O Contractor Subcontractors Office of Acquisition & Project Management  Jul 28, 2004 
BOP-003.0501 BOP 540.2 Deviation to DEAR 970.1504, Contract Pricing, and associated 970.5215 Clauses Office of Acquisition & Project Management  Jan 10, 2005 
BOP-003.0505A BOP 540.3 Class Deviations to FAR and DEAR Office of Acquisition & Project Management  May 08, 2007
BOP-003.0602 BOP 580.1 Vehicle Utilization/Trip Log Book Office of Acquisition & Project Management  May 09, 2006 
BOP-003.09 BOP 540.4 Contract Funding Policy Office of Acquisition & Project Management  Feb 05, 2009
BOP-02.01A BOP 110.2 Organizational Change Policy Office of Human Resources  Dec 07, 2017 
BOP-02A001 BOP 329.1 Excepted Service Employment Under the National Nuclear Security Administration Act Office of Human Resources  Mar 29, 2002
BOP-03.01 BOP 540.5 Procurement of Logo and Promotional Items Office of Business Services  May 03, 2013
BOP-03.02 Admin Chg 1 BOP 541.1 Admin Chg 1 Contracting Authorities Office of Acquisition Management  Feb 05, 2009 
BOP-03.03 Admin Chg 1 BOP 540.6 Admin Chg 1 Acquisition Coordination and Approval Processes Office of Acquisition Management  Mar 18, 2015
BOP-03.04 BOP 570.1 Supply Store Purchases for Washington, DC Area Office of Business Services  Oct 08, 2014 
BOP-03.06 BOP 436.1 Supplemental Procedures for Alternative Financed Energy Savings Projects Office of Safety, Infrastructure and Operations  Sep 30, 2015
BOP-03.07 BOP 413.6 Analysis of Alternatives Office of Cost Estimating & Program Evaluation  Mar 14, 2016 
BOP-05.01 BOP 580.2 Financial Liability for Government Issued Personal Property Lost, Damaged, or Destroyed (LLD) Office of Business Services  Jan 12, 2015 
BOP-05.02 BOP 550.1 Permanent Change of Station Office of Management & Budget  Jun 19, 2017 
BOP-06.01 Admin Chg 1 BOP 413.1 Admin Chg  Value Management (VM) Office of Enterprise Project Management Sep 19, 2006 
BOP-06.02 Admin Chg 1 BOP 413.2 Admin Chg 1 Program Requirements Document for Construction Projects Office of Enterprise Project Management  Feb 15, 2008 
BOP-06.03 BOP 413.3 Independent Cost Estimates Procedure Office of Enterprise Project Management  Feb 27, 2014 
BOP-06.04 BOP 413.4 Project Reviews Office of Project Management and Systems Support  Nov 18, 2014
BOP-06.05 BOP 413.7 Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets Office of Enterprise Project Management  Aug 09, 2016 
BOP-06.06 BOP 413.8 Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board Equivalent (ESAAB-E) Process Office of Enterprise Project Management  Sep 30, 2016 
BOP-06.07 BOP 413.5 Program Management Policy for Weapons and Strategic Materials Programs Office of System Engineering & Integration  Jan 17, 2017 
BOP-06.08 BOP 413.9 Cost Analysis Requirements Description Office of Cost Estimating & Program Evaluation  Jan 22, 2018 
BOP-10.001 BOP 452.3 Business and Operating Policy for the Conduct of the Annual Assessment of the National Nuclear Stockpile Office of Defense Programs Jul 14, 2005
BOP-20.001A BOP 461.1 Taking Title to U.S.-Origin Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel Office of Nuclear Materials Removal  Feb 06, 2017 
BOP-64.001 Admin Chg 1 BOP 332.2 Admin Chg 1 Employee Recognition Policy Office of Management & Budget  Jun 11, 2010 
BOP-65.001 BOP 203.1 Issuance and Usage of Portable Computing and Communications Devices (PCCD) Office of Chief Information Officer  Sep 07, 2007 
BOP-66.001 Admin Chg 1 BOP 332.1 Admin Chg 1 Immediate Recognition Coins Office of Business Services  Feb 15, 2008
NAP-4C NAP 540.3 Corporate Performance Evaluation Process for Management and Operating Contractors Office of Acquisition Management  Dec 22, 2016 
NAP-6A NAP 442.1 Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Program Office of Safety, Infrastructure and Operations May 13, 2014
NAP-7 NAP 540.1 NNSA's Acquisition and Assistance Policy Guidance Office of Acquisition & Project Management Dec 09, 2002 
NAP-19  NAP 140.1 NNSA Administrator's Official Reception and Representation Fund Office of Business Services Feb. 15, 2008
NAP-23 Admin Chg 1 NAP 476.1 Admin Chg 1 Atomic Energy Act Control of Import and Export Activities Atomic Energy Act Control of Import and Export Activities Dec 13, 2012
NAP-24A NAP 401.1 Weapon Quality Policy Weapon Quality Division  Nov 24, 2015 
NAP-25 Admin Chg 1 NAP 520.1 Admin Chg 1 Management and Operating Contractor Business Meals and Light Refreshments Office of Acquisition Management  May 30, 2008 
NAP-26B NAP 414.1 Quality Management System Office of Quality Management  Jan 10, 2017
NAP-29 NAP 413.4 Technology Readiness Assessments Office of Cost Estimating & Program Evaluation  Dec 22, 2016
NAP-30 NAP 121.1 Stewardship and Long-Term Strategic Planning for the Laboratories Office of Policy and Governance Dec. 01, 2016
NAP-31 NAP 540.2 NNSA M&O Off-Site Extended Duty Assignments Office of Acquisition & Project Management  Nov 22, 2016 
NAP-33 NAP 130.1 Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Evaluation (PPBE) Process Office of Planning, Programming, Budget & Evaluation Jan. 17, 2017